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Immersion Online Course
Immersion Online Course

Wed, Jul 10


Online Event

Immersion Online Course

Immersion is an 8-week deep dive focussed on showing you how to harness the power of frequencies to shift your life.

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Time & Location:

Jul 10, 2024, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CST

Online Event


Kaya Usher’s body of knowledge is called The Simplicity Platform and is made up of 8 Tenets. In The Simplicity Platform a tenet is an action step that boosts our frequency flow. With repetition the 8 Tenets fold into One Unified System. We call this IMMERSION.

In IMMERSION, Kaya Usher opens a single, unified space where she teaches the key principles of the 8 Tenets. This Foundational course is a weekly frequency class open to anyone seeking to understand how to Harness the Power of Frequencies to Shift Their Lives. Practice of the 8 Tenets supports a stable evolutionary expansion of consciousness.

Week 1 : Tenet 1 “Clean Up Our Space”

We purge anything that isn’t authentically us: habits, opinions and dysfunctional influencers. This cleans up our electromagnetic field, which frees us up to more optimum experiences. Tap-ins with Kaya Usher are the quickest way to use Tenet 1 – however, in time, a practice of the 8 Tenets sets us up to Self-Clean.

Week 2 : Tenet 2 “Ride The Truth Wave”

No more people pleasing or changing who we are to fit in. We live and walk our truth with integrity. And because we are transparent we are at ease with ourselves. So, whoever resonates on the same wavelength as us will find us.

Week 3 : Tenet 3 “Come Home to Our Most Brilliant Self”

Most of us forgot that our first love is us. We needed to click back in, before we could feel it. Tenet 3 teaches that we can’t truly love anyone else before we love ourselves. We are all a work in progress but we can love ourselves through it all. This means we’ve always got our own back. We choose ourselves.

Week 4 : Tenet 4 “Usher in an Unimaginable Peace”

We are at peace. A peace that lasts and lasts. An inside job. Tenet 4 is a deep mind-heart-body coherence. It affects everything in our lives. People ask us why we’re so chill? It’s us just being home again, us being comfortable in our own skin. There’s nothing more we need to prove. We move through the day’s ups and downs without losing our balance.

Week 5 : Tenet 5 “Free To Be”

Tenet 5 means we are free to access our highest good without giving our power away. Our connection to something bigger isn’t through a guru or an organization. Our path to self-realization is ours and ours alone.

Week 6 : Tenet 6 “Sustain Our Frequency”

We have a personal practice that keeps us coherent. We’re consistent in this practice. We show up for ourselves. We know what works for us, and what doesn’t. And if we need help – we reach out. That’s Tenet 6.

Week 7 :  Tenet 7 “Live Inside The Simplicity Platform

We become The Simplicity Platform 24-7. Our Spirit is locked in. It’s comfortable in our human skin. We’re calm. Stuff happens but it doesn’t knock us around anymore. We stay present and life is constantly surprising us.

Week 8 : Tenet 8 “Embody the Lightness of Being”

We no longer reach outside for God. God is inside of us all of the time. We have joy and a deep inner knowing. Our life feels meaningful, and has a purpose. We love that our life brings gifts to others. We share our gifts willingly and get back so much in return.

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