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It's time to choose you.

An expansive, peaceful, powerful life experience is really possible for you.

When you're ready to know true freedom and expansion, The Simplicity Platform is here for you . . .

It's all about letting go of everything that isn't you. And taking a beautiful, freeing, expansive journey home to who you truly are. 

> Begin this work easily, by joining our free community.  


Join us for the daily online frequency activation, Harmonic Resonance, every weekday morning hosted by Kaya Usher. 

Get to know Kaya, the work, and the glorious community that's here to encourage, hear, and support you. Or just witness your silent and powerful expansion. 

Stay as long as you like and explore as much as you want. If it's right for you, you'll know.

> Join now. It's always free. 


For those who wish to explore more, these courses, events, retreats, and tap-ins are all designed to support you on your expansive journey home.

Kaya Usher


Kaya Usher is the founder of The Simplicity Platform and a leader in the energetic modality known as frequency work.

Most of her work is accessible for free, inside The Simplicity Platform community. 

> Join Kaya for a daily morning frequency broadcast inside the free community  

One Frequency live in Costa RIca, May 2024

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