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True Power and Potential

“Kaya has helped me realize my power and true potential. Working with Kaya over the past couple of months has helped made me become more self-aware and has opened an opportunity for true growth.” - S.D.

Beyond Uplifting. Truly Life-Changing.

“I have been working with Kaya for over a year now. My most recent tap in session was very powerful: After becoming sick with Covid, I explained to Kaya that I felt as though there was “black sludge” inside and all around me and that it felt like I could not get rid of that feeling – even after all of my symptoms were gone. Following our session I felt immediate relief! During all of the sessions that I have done with Kaya, I have always felt so safe, supported and I have always experienced a very noticeable positive shift in the days following.  My experience working with Kaya has been beyond uplifting and truly life-changing.” - L.K.

Helps with Complex Business Projects

“My experience studying and working with Kaya has been one of the best decisions of my life!  She is spot on, focused, disciplined, honest, and professional.  This frequency practice has been invaluable and helps me through complex business projects, as well as learning how to savor moments with myself and family.  The time and energy Kaya devotes to sharing her talents and knowledge are a valued and true gift.” - L.T.

Helped Release Family Programs

"Before My last tap in with Kaya I was heavy with worry and guilt and anxiety. As she worked with me I realized it was a program of depression passed down from my mother and her mother and she helped me release it. I felt immediately calm and peaceful. Since then I have been able to trust and ride the wave. It all feels lighter.” - J.Y.

More Creativity

“Beautiful most profound work I have ever done. Clarity of my spirit and purpose. Working with Kaya has allowed me to see my highest potential. I’m a better mom, wife and individual and can embrace my gifts fully. The freedom and peace has allowed me to be more creative and decreased my chronic pain.  Her teachings are truly one of a kind. Such a beautiful blessing.” - T.D.

More at Peace

“Kaya’s session helped me experience a higher vibration and accelerate my healing. After just one session with her, I felt a release and was more at peace. Thank you, Kaya, for your amazing work. I hope we cross paths again, and appreciate the healing you’ve provided to my soul, and the soul’s of many others.” - A.C.

Seeing My True Potential
"Kaya’s frequency work has not only been a gift to myself, but to my family as well.  By breaking down programs that have been picked up over many generations, my family has grown closer and the relationships stronger with each session.  My 9 year old daughter loves listening to Kaya’s daily activations as she falls asleep, as do I.  It is the absolute best way to end the day. ​ It continues to remove limiting fears and to strengthen the love for myself. The shifts from frequency work have opened my mind to seeing the true potential within and around me. For anyone who is struggling right now, feeling stuck or that something is missing in their life, I highly recommend reaching out to Kaya and taking in one of the many tools she has to offer – your soul will thank you!" - T.F.

More Grounded and Centered in My Heart

“Impactful and transformational ways I’ve found to support my own healing and growth.  Kaya has helped me “clean up my space” and to stop running old outdated programs that kept me stuck in fear and separation. I’ve become more grounded, centered in my heart, and able to live in a space of compassionate action.  I live less and less out of fear and more and more from a space of peace and joy. As an Intuitive Healer, Yoga Teacher, and a space holder, her weekly Tap-In sessions have helped me deepen into all of my gifts so that I can be the clearest channel for myself and my clients/students. We are also working together to clean up my ancestral lineage karma.  This has been HUGE, for me and my family. Thank you Kaya, from the bottom of my heart. - C.K.B.

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